Auvergne Station

Joined in 1886 and is owned by the family of reliable breeder, Durack family, Auverge Station became the number one exporter of livestock in the era of the 1990s. They managed to penetrate the Philippine market by exporting the best quality tenak.

Region which has an area of ​​4,142km square has also become a place of fattening animals before export to Southeast Asia. Fattening process lasts for only 6months. Based on the evaluation of the CPC, this region has been successfully exported 30,000 head of cattle per year.

Emily Bryant
Bergabung CPC pada tahun

Emily grew up in Mitchell, a small Queensland town where working and holidaying on family properties started her love for the agricultural industry. She first joined CPC in 2008 starting as a cook on Humbert Station however, she quickly realised her passion and skills were better used outdoors. Emily moved from Humbert Station to Newry Station in 2011 with her manager Tom Shephard who from early on saw her love for cattle and knew she would go far in the industry. For the next 4 years she worked her way up through the ranks to headstock women of Newry Station and was eventually promoted to Station Manager at neighbouring property Argyle Downs. In early 2016 Emily received a further promotion to a larger property and is now managing Auvergne Station located in the Northern Territory. 
In July 2015, Emily was selected as the WA Finalist for the 2015 NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion Initiative and will go on to represent her state in Canberra in August. This is a fantastic achievement and experience for Emily to get involved with high profile agricultural leaders and share her knowledge to help inspire up and comers in the industry.