Our Strategy

Optimise the properties and position CPC closer to the customer

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Our strategy is to transform the company over the next 3 years from being a traditional farm led producer to a more commercially focussed organisation which understands its markets and customers’ needs and produces the right product at the right time in the right location to meet these needs.

To do this, we will align our operations to our markets and customers, and improve our operational performance. This will move us from the traditional price taker position to a more price maker position and enable us to sell more product to higher priced markets.

To help execute the strategic plan we have developed separate roadmaps for each element of the business. The key highlights of the roadmaps are:

Operations Optimisation – key initiatives are reducing the age profile of our herd, increasing turnoff, introducing cattle segregation on breeder blocks and sustainable stocking levels. These initiatives will reduce mortality rates, increase brandings, increase cattle turnoff, lower mustering costs and create better market-making opportunities while continually improving animal welfare standards.

Domestic markets – key initiatives are to increase our relationships with key domestic retailers, and feedlotters, increase our MSA sales volumes, increase our organic sales, and improve our logistics capabilities. This will lead to better products, less discounts for quality and logistics costs optimisation.

Indonesia – In the short term we are trying to maximise the sales in Indonesia.  Over the medium to longer term we will position ourselves for a rebound in the market and consider what infrastructure is needed to make the market less volatile and stable for us.

Genetics – Gradual evolution in our genetics to ensure we have a clear plan to meet our markets needs over the medium to longer term.  We will have a herd that our customers value.