Our Shareholders

CPC is owned by Terra Firma, one of the UK's leading private equity firms, who acquired the business in 2009. Under Terra Firma ownership, CPC has acquired six additional properties and grown the herd by over 70,000 head.

The strategic rationale underlying the acquisition of CPC was driven by a number of global macroeconomic themes, in particular: global population growth; a shift in Asian diet towards higher protein consumption; and limited supply of productive land.

CPC offered scope for a number of operational improvements, ranging from growing the earnings of the business through selective capital investment to finding higher value activities for parcels of land within the portfolio. In addition, there is increasing institutional interest in the agricultural sector globally, implying growing demand for agricultural assets. Australia is attractive as a source of beef supply because of the quality and cost efficiency of its grass-fed cattle, its ability to supply large quantities into the Asian market, and the fact that its herd is free of major disease.

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Ken Warriner AM

Former CPC Chairman and CEO, Ken retained his shareholding in CPC after Terra Firma acquired the business in April 2009.  With over 50 years’ experience in the Australian cattle industry, Ken was one of many responsible for the creation of CPC.  Under Ken’s guidance, CPC has grown from the original four stations purchased in 1983 to the magnificent property portfolio that forms CPC today.  Recognised as an industry leader, Ken Warriner maintains his close ties to the industry and CPC.