NT/WA Group

Mustering , Auvergne Station, Northern Territory

The NT/WA operations encompass properties in the Northern Territory and Western Australia including Newcastle Waters, Ucharonidge, Dungowan, Manbulloo, Auvergne, Kirkimbie, Bunda, Argyle Downs, Newry and Carlton Hill Station.  The focus for this group is predominantly live export and breeding high quality composite cattle for the CPC Queensland backgrounding operations.  

The breeding herd consists of 100,000 breeders, driven by the Newcastle Waters, Bunda and Allawah Stud; which infuses world quality genetics through the northern herds.  Up to 1,200 bulls are transferred from the Studs to the northern group each year.

The mustering season generally commences in March of each year, at the end of the wet season. At this time, CPC welcomes on board around 20 new employees who initially start their training at CPC's in house training facility at Manbulloo Station.  After two weeks intensive training these employees are inducted on to the station where they will work for the mustering season.  The season runs through until the start of the following wet season, in around November of each year.

Northern operations are headed by the General Manager NT/WA, Henry Burke. Henry is based in Katherine, NT. It is his role to manage the group and assist the managers to achieve their targets in line with CPC's strategic plan.

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Henry Burke

General Manager NT/WA

M: +61 408 860 042

T: +61 8 8971 0942