Newcastle Waters

Newcastle Waters is a 1,033,101ha breeding property in the west Barkly region of the Northern Territory.

Its open plains, flood country and timbered sand hills can carry 65,700 head of cattle including 20,000 commercial Brahman breeders. The property is home to Newcastle Waters Brahman stud, which comprises 4,000 stud females. Annually the stud produces 1,000 quality, acclimatised herd bulls for CPC's Northern properties.

Its annual turnoff of 25,000 - 30,000 head are finished according to market demands, with the steer portion being taken at five to seven months for fattening as Jap ox on the Queensland properties or finished on Lake Woods for export to Indonesia via Darwin port.

Newcastle Waters Homestead


Marcus & Ally Doumany
Newcastle Waters Managers
Joined CPC in

Marcus and Ally took over management of Newcastle Waters in January 2019. They have held senior and management roles across the Northern Territory and Queensland, on both extensive pastoral operations, intensive grazing and breeding and feedlot operations. Marcus has a background in Economics with specialisations in Agricultural Economics, and has recently spent time working in agricultural business development in Western Australia.  
Ally has a background in Agricultural Science, and skills and experience in communications and marketing. They have one daughter, Primrose.