In 2015, CPC expanded its operations on Kirkimbie station with the purchase of adjoining Bunda, located in the Western Victoria River Downs region of the Northern Territory. CPC had already been familiar with Bunda for many years, having leased it during the 1990’s and 2000’s. The aggregation of the two properties provided the opportunity to increase productivity, reduce overheads and increase labour efficiencies. It also added valuable fattening country to CPC’s Northern portfolio, allowing CPC to further optimise its herdflow.

Bunda has its own stud complex and a high quality Brahman stud herd. Just under 178,800 hectares in size, the property can carry more than 15,000 cattle. Its mix of country includes high quality black soil plains ideal for fattening cattle on a range of annual and perennial grasses, including Mitchell and Flinders varieties. The land is fenced to allow effective rotational grazing and is well-watered by 22 bores in addition to dams and natural water sources from the Sturt Creek, Bunda Creek and Maud Creek systems. 

Jimmy Beale
Bunda & Kirkimbie Manager
Joined CPC in

Jimmy moved to Kirkimbie in August 2013 to take on the role of Station Manager. He started at CPC in 2008 as a jackaroo at Nockatunga. Over the years he has worked at Wrotham Park and CPC’s agistment properties near Alice Springs. After completing his pilot’s licence he moved over to Carlton Hill to run the Boat Camp in 2012 and returned as the Overseer before relocating to Kirkimbie.
Jimmy grew up on a property near Roma, QLD and completed his secondary education at Brisbane’s Boys College.