Isis Downs

CPC purchased Isis Downs in 1987. 

The subsequent acquisition of nine surrounding properties has given CPC a 246,057ha aggregation capable of running 21,000 cattle in favourable seasons. The herd consists of up to 6,000 breeders with the balance being heifers and steers finished for sale to feedlots or the meatworks, depending on the season.

CPC made a decision in 2004 to move out of sheep and use Isis Downs solely for cattle. 6,000 Charolais Brahman cross females are run on Isis with Angus bulls producing cattle for the local trade and feedlot markets. 

The Charolais cross females are bred in the Northern Territory and transferred to Isis as required to maintain the breeding herd. An Aberdeen Angus Stud has now been established to breed bulls principally for their own use. The annual turnoff from Isis Downs is now 25,000 depending on the season.