Auvergne Station

Auvergne 牧场在1886年被著名的牧场主Durack家族组买下,在20世纪初首创了活畜出口市场,为菲律宾提供活牛。

如今,面积达4,142平方公里的Auvergne牧场仍然扮演着相同的角色,6个月大的幼牛将运到该牧场进行架子牛阶段的饲养,再运到Argyle Downs牧场育肥,然后再通过船运至东南亚。

牧场50%是森林,30%是黑土,其余部分是沿海冲击平原和红壤。当地的Flinders和Mitchell牧草在Auvergne 600mm的年降雨量下生长得非常茂盛。


Emily Bryant

Emily grew up in Mitchell, a small Queensland town where working and holidaying on family properties started her love for the agricultural industry. She first joined CPC in 2008 starting as a cook on Humbert Station however, she quickly realised her passion and skills were better used outdoors. Emily moved from Humbert Station to Newry Station in 2011 with her manager Tom Shephard who from early on saw her love for cattle and knew she would go far in the industry. For the next 4 years she worked her way up through the ranks to headstock women of Newry Station and was eventually promoted to Station Manager at neighbouring property Argyle Downs. In early 2016 Emily received a further promotion to a larger property and is now managing Auvergne Station located in the Northern Territory. 
In July 2015, Emily was selected as the WA Finalist for the 2015 NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion Initiative and will go on to represent her state in Canberra in August. This is a fantastic achievement and experience for Emily to get involved with high profile agricultural leaders and share her knowledge to help inspire up and comers in the industry.