Widely regarded as one of the state's best bullock fattening properties, Nockatunga is located in Queensland's far South West corner, 125 km west of Thargomindah.

Despite an annual average rainfall of just 234 mm, Nockatunga's ability to grow beef comes from its rich channel country and Mitchell grass plains which cover two thirds of the property.

As the Thompson and Barcoo Rivers in the North West flood into Cooper Creek during the summer wet season, life giving water inundates Nockatunga's Wilson River and its catchment providing abundant feed for the seasons ahead. In a good season the property is capable of turning off 10,000 - 12,000 feeder steers/ox with average capacity levels of around 22,000. A small breeder herd of 1,500 cows is run on the harder country, whilst the remaining capacity is filled with CPC bred weaners from the North trucked in yearly for replacements.

Nockatunga, acquired by CPC in 1990, is used to finish bullocks from Isis Downs, Mimong and the Northern Territory stations.

Grown out from weaner age and older, the steers are trucked to coastal abattoirs to be supplied to the Asian markets.

Lachlan & Ruby Kent
Nockatunga Manager
Joined CPC in

Managing Nockatunga Station since mid-2014 and Mount Marlow Station for five years prior to that, Lach has had extensive involvement in the pastoral industry all his life.  He grew up on sheep and cattle stations in Western Qld and completed Secondary education at Toowoomba Grammar School.  Lach worked for AACo for 3 years at Brunette Downs and Drumduff (then an outstation of Wrotham Park) in the positions of Jackeroo and Head Stockman. He has worked in shearing teams, feedlots, saleyards and managed a mixed sheep and beef cattle operation for Clark and Tait Co. He obtained his pilots licence in 2011.

Lach has owned and developed two small sheep and cattle properties and an irrigation farm.