Named after an Irish seaport, Connor and Doherty took up Newry in 1886, building a homestead on the banks of the Keep River. However cattle weren't introduced to the property until it was purchased by "Patsy" Durack, who spent two years droving a herd of 7,000 cattle and horses 5,000 km across the top of Australia to the Ord River region.

The trip took two years and cost the lives of many stockmen and half the herd, but enabled the Duracks to stock their string of Kimberley stations.

In 1950 the Durack family sold Newry and nearby Auvergne and Argyle to Australian Agricultural Co Pty Ltd (A.A. Co) who introduced Santa Gertrudis cattle, with limited success, before infusing Brahmans into the Kimberley Shorthorns.

In 1986 the three properties were sold to Baines River Cattle Co who operated the blocks for six years before selling the trio to Consolidated Pastoral Co in 1992.

The 2,467 sq km breeding block carries 20,000 head on its black soil, forest and stony ridge country. Turning off 5,000 head a year, its weaner steers and spayed heifers are trucked to Argyle Downs for growing out for the live export market.


David Young
Newry Manager
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