Carlton Hill

Carlton Hill

Split by a 35 km stretch of the Ord River as it winds its way from Lake Argyle to the Cambridge Gulf are 3,420sq km Carlton Hill and 1337 sq km Ivanhoe.

The properties play an integral part in CPCs significant live export market, growing 15,000 - 20,000 steers and heifers a year in readiness for shipping, ex-Wyndham, to Asia and the Middle East.

With a 900 mm annual rainfall, Carlton Hill and Ivanhoe can comfortably support 50,000 head including 20,000 Brahman breeders. Couch and buffel grasses on the aggregation's alluvial flats and black soil plains also provide an excellent plane of nutrition for growing steers.

Although the leases for both properties were taken up by the Duracks in 1893, the family sold their Carlton Hill lease a year later to concentrate on developing Ivanhoe. In the 1950s large areas of the properties were requisitioned by the West Australian Government for development of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme.

One spin off for the holdings has been the maintenance of a permanent water supply following the construction of the Ord River Dam forming Lake Argyle. Carlton Hill and Ivanhoe joined the Consolidated Pastoral Co stable in 1992.

Spirit Hill is a property owned by the NT Government adjoining Ivanhoe. It was also formerly owned by the Durack family. This property is leased by CPC and run in conjunction with Carlton Hill and Ivanhoe.

Glen Brooker & Lisa Walker
Carlton Hill Manager
Joined CPC in

Glen Brooker and his partner, Lisa Walker, moved from Auvergne Station to managing Carlton Hill Station in early 2016.  Glen joined CPC in 2008 as Overseer of Isis Downs. In 2011 he transferred to Kirkimbie, where he spent a couple of years before being promoted to Manager of Isis Downs in 2013 and in 2014 moved to Auvergne Station.

Glen finished school in 1993 and worked for Stanbroke Pastoral Company over a ten year period, progressing from Jackaroo through to Head Stockman whilst working on several Queensland stations and a feedlot at Chinchilla. A 12 month stint as a truck driver followed, then three years in the Gulf as a Head Stockman before joining CPC.

Lisa came to Australia in 2010 and travelled the country for a few months before pursuing work on Isis Downs as a Station Cook. Lisa transferred to Kirkimbie with Glen in 2013, then took on the role of Secretary at Isis Downs when the couple returned in 2013.

Glen and Lisa then spent a year pursuing other adventures before returning to CPC in 2014 to start their family..