Auvergne Station

Auvergne Station

Taken up in 1886 and purchased before the turn of the century by the legendary pastoralists, the Durack family, Auvergne Station pioneered the live export market in the early 1900's, supplying cattle to the Philippines ex-Wyndham.

Today, 4,142 sq km Auvergne Station fulfils the same role, breeding steers that leave the property at six months for backgrounding at Argyle Downs before being shipped to South-East Asia.

Comprising 50 per cent forest country and 30 per cent open black soils with the remainder being coastal flood plains and red loam river country, native Flinders and Mitchell grasses thrive under Auvergne's 600 mm annual rainfall.

Capable of running 32,000 cattle, this valuable east Kimberley block turns off 10,000 head a year.

The 'Boab Gate' welcomes you to Auvergne. 


Weaner heifer at the station yards. 


Cattle from Junction Paddock in the lane coming past the homestead to the yards


Sally Fletcher crossing heifers from Belly Angle, on the West Baines. 


The Lead - crossing heifers from Belly Angle.